In your phone, flippin' your bits

Do you use Discord with your friends when you game? Of course you do! It's the best all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. And now we've enabled HelixDice to join in the fun!

That's right! Once you've enabled the Discord integration inside of the HelixDice app, all of you and your party's roles show up in your chosen channel!

We've enabled the bot on our public server, so if you'd like to just try it out just add the dice bot to your server and then you can use the following link: (copy the link and paste it into the HelixDice app - step four below)

Just follow these simple steps to get connected!

  1. First, you (or who ever is the server admin or owner of your Discord server) need to enable the dice bot within your existing Discord server by clicking on this button:
    Add to Discord
    This link goes to the Discord page for authorizing our bot on your server instance; just follow the directions there (you may need to log in to Discord first if you're not already logged in. Select your server and click on the "Authorize" button.
  2. Second, Now that you've enabled the bot, you'll need to select the channel in your own Discord server where you'd like the roll data to be displayed.
  3. Third, create an invite code for the channel where you want the rolls to appear by issuing the "!channel" command from that channel
  4. Have everyone in your party that want's their rolls to show up inside of your chosen Discord channel copy and paste the invite code into their copy of Helix Dice (go to Settings and select "Configure Discord")
    • Click on the 'Gears' icon at the bottom of the app to go to the "Settings" page:

    • Tap on the banner labeled "Configure Discord" to bring up the "Enable Discord" dialog:

    • Slide the button to the right to enable Discord integration:

    • Once enabled, you can paste the invite code that you generated into the "Server invite window":

  5. Fourth, add the name or gamer tag that you want associated with each of your rolls and click on "Join Server"! If the invite code was input properly you'll now see your server in the list at the bottom of the Discord dialog

And that's all there is to it. Now everyone in the party that's configured Discord integration in HelixDice will have all of their rolls show up in the chosen Discord channel! Switch to the dice tab in Helix Dice and start playing with your friends!

Note: There is 5 second cooldown for dice rolls when connected to Discord so we don't overwork the Wumpus!

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