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Helix Dice!
The revolutionary polyhedral dice roller for your iPhone, iPad or Android device that you'll actually use!

Tired of all those dice rollers that sure are pretty... for the first three or four rolls? Then you realize just how sluggish they are or how painful it is to quickly select the dice you want to roll...

With Discord integration (optional) it's easier than ever to share your rolls with other players who may not even be in the same room!

And really, if you want to feel the roll of the dice well then there's just nothing like rolling real polyhedrals! If that's what you're after then hop on down to your local gaming store and spend some hard earned cash on good old fashioned dice.

Here's the setup guide to get rolling with Discord: Discord Setup guide

With Helix Dice! you'll always have a quick, intuitive and beautiful set of gaming dice at your disposal.

  • Dice
  • Percentile roles (just roll two ten sided dice to see the percentage)
  • Crit and Fumble indicators when rolling a single D20
  • Select any combination of dice to roll (up to 99 per die)
  • All individual die results are shown beneath the total
  • The Spellbook
  • Now you can save your eight most used dice combinations for easy rolling!
  • You can roll or rename them right from the Spellbook!
  • Tap to roll, swipe left to delete and hold the name to rename!
  • Counters
  • Need to track your Hit points or buffs? Maybe you're playing an awesome board game and want to track everyone's points
  • Track up to eight separate counters at a time.
  • Assign names by clicking and holding! Values are persistent between restarts so there is no fear of losing your stats if you must leave a game and return at a later time
  • Settings
  • Toggle Power Saving Mode to keep your phone from sleeping while you roll!  It’s enabled by default but if you are going to be rolling consistently, or checking counters frequently you can turn Power Saver mode off to remove the hassle of needing to unlock your phone each time.
  • Enable Tap to Add - if you don't want to swipe to add more dice, this allows you to simply tap to add it! (you can still swipe to add/delete with this enabled)
  • Configure Discord - Do you use Discord? Of course you do! Now your dice rolls can show up inside of your discord channel! (Here's a link to our setup guide)



by Tyler Newell
Accurately simulates dice and the numbers they represent when rolled. If I could suggest something, adding the number of sides to the dice model. Otherwise very good.


by SgtSnowman112
Compared to other dice apps out there Helix Dice stands out to me in several different ways. For one its interface is clean and straight forward, it's extremely swift, and very user friendly. I highly recommend downloading this app so you can get back to exploring dungeons and casting spells with ease!! :)

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